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clay ground internship

We are looking for studio interns to assist with the operations of our Fulton Hill educational ceramic studio. This is an opportunity to gain experience in ceramic studio operations. Though this is an unpaid internship, it does offer unlimited kiln firings and 50lbs of clay/mo and the possibility of paid teaching opportunities.

Application Deadlines:

Summer - March 15

Fall - June 15

Winter/Spring - November 15

Required Skills:

·      High level of attention to detail

·      Patience

·      Self-motivation

·      Reliability

·      Basic studio knowledge


Other Desirable Skills (not required):

·      Ceramic studio experience


Internship Duties: Based on the skill set and interests of the intern, tasks may include (but are not limited to)…


·     Prepping Course Materials

·     Ceramic studio maintenance

·     Ceramic equipment maintenance & repair

·     Clay Recycling

·     Kiln Loading and Firing


In-studio training will occur wherever necessary

Internship Application
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